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Tribal Wars 2 Tipps

Truppen die Tribal Wars 2 rekrutieren könnt und andere Spieler angreifen. Du suchst ein neues MMO, oder interessierst dich für News, Guides, Tipps. Tribal Wars 2 Cheats: Spieltipps für Einsteiger. Veröffentlicht am von Birgit Oppermann. Cheats für das Browserspiel Tribal Wars 2. Hier bekommst Du alle Tipps und Tricks um Tribal Wars 2 erfolgreich zu spielen.

[Sammelthread] Die ersten Schritte zum Erfolg!

Tribal Wars 2: Anfänger-Tipps für angehende Imperatoren. Geschrieben am um Uhr. Wenn der Feind mal wieder zur Attacke bläst In Tribal. Nicht verpassen: Gaming-News, Spiele-Tests, Tipps, Cheats und Natürlich sieht das neue Tribal Wars 2 viel moderner und hübscher aus als. Hallo Community! Dieser Sammelthread ist für zwei Arten von Spielern. Er ist für Erfahrene, welche Tipps zum erfolgreichen Start in's.

Tribal Wars 2 Tipps Tribal Wars 2 bewerten Video


CLICK HERE for the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to be a true Tribal Wars player. It features many tips that other guides do not provide. If you want to be an ultimate TW player, welcome! You have a 5 day grace period, you should concentrate ONLY on getting extra resources in. The free online strategy game Tribal Wars 2 - or short: TW2 - is set in a medieval universe, filled with knights, generals and political decisions. You are the ruler of a castle in a war torn landscape, and must defend and expand your kingdom to ensure its survival. In this medieval war game, your followers rely on your strength and strategic wisdom. Tribal Wars 2 – Farm bot May 22, Tribal Wars 2 – best start January 31, Best attack planner for Tribal Wars 2 January 27, The free online strategy game Tribal Wars 2 is set in a medieval universe, filled with knights, generals and political decisions. You are the ruler of a castle in a war torn landscape, and must defend and expand your realm to ensure its survival. In this medieval war game, your followers rely on your strength and strategic wisdom. Tribal Wars 2: Premium Premium Premium is a feature of the game that allows the player to receive any benefits through the use of various military leaders. Premium also allows you to reduce the time required to create buildings or even build them instantly, as well as increase the speed of production of resources and much more.

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Poor Not so poor average good very good.

This information will also appear if you have turned off the night schedule of the village in the settings.

On Russian servers, the night bonus is not used due to the large number of time zones. Lack of faith. This icon is displayed when you have a village that is not affected by the church.

Reviews When your empire grows large enough and you have several villages, daily village management tasks will begin to spend most of your time. You will need to build and recruit in all villages in order to keep up with the progress of other players.

To help cope with this problem, the game has a function "Reviews". This window will help you sort, recruit and build faster!

You can find the reviews in the main menu:. If you do not know what the icons in the menu mean, you can hover over them and get an answer.

You can sort your villages in various ways. To do this, click on the corresponding icon. For example, when you click on the village names column, the sorting will change from AZ to ZA.

Also, you can sort the list of villages by group. Groups will always be displayed at the top of the table.

If you select one of the groups in the table, only those villages that belong to the selected group will remain. You can select one or several groups at once.

In the menu you can see an icon with three buildings. When you click on it, an overview of the village will open. There you will find 4 tabs: Villages, Approaching, Teams and Troops.

The first tab in the overview of villages is villages. This overview allows you to filter villages:. Joint filter. If you choose a collaborative filter, you can see the most important aspects of your villages.

Filter Production. When you select the Production filter, you will receive information on the production of resources in your villages.

Building Filter. When you select the Buildings filter, you get an overview of all the buildings and their levels in all of your villages.

Here you can also follow the construction. The filter allows you to see all the buildings and find out which buildings are currently under construction.

The mass construction feature is designed to help you make better use of the time needed to build buildings in your villages. Click on this icon to activate the function:.

You will notice that building levels change to buttons. If you have enough resources for construction, the buttons will be active, otherwise they will be gray.

Effectively improve the buildings in all of your villages in this review. The final column of this review displays the construction queue.

When you hover over each level in the queue, you can complete the construction instantly for crowns or for free, depending on the remaining construction time.

Filter Troops. The Troops filter will show all the troops in your village no matter where they are now.

This means that the troops can either be in the village, or be reinforced in another village, or return to the villages after the battle, or even be in the Hospital - all your troops are taken into account in this review.

In addition to the troops themselves, you can also look at the recruitment line, check the number of spies, activate countermeasures, or even choose an Order in the Order Room.

Dynamic filters. With the help of dynamic filters you can see the villages corresponding to the selected filters. By clicking on the filter icon, you will see all available filters:.

You can use filters both separately and together. For example, if you select filters for a full warehouse and a free province, as a result you will see villages in which the warehouse is full and there is free provision.

In this tab, you can check all incoming commands, whether it be enemy attacks or reinforcements. Even your attacks will be displayed in this tab.

In addition, you can see which player sent the attack, and from which village, the time the team arrived and how long the army needed to reach the goal.

You can also rename a team, either your own or another player. You can also sort the list of commands alphabetically by clicking on the icon at the top of the window.

Remember that you have the ability to ignore an incoming attack. However, this action cannot be undone. With the help of this review you can monitor all troop movements.

In the table, you can distinguish between attacks and reinforcements using the icon. The arrival time is displayed on the right. From the icon on the left you can understand whether it is an incoming command blue arrow or outgoing green arrow.

You can cancel the command by clicking on the X to the right of the remaining travel time. Please note that this can only be done within 3 minutes of dispatch.

You can open the village information window by clicking on the village name. You can also go to the village on the map by clicking on its coordinates.

In the fourth tab is an overview of the troops. At first glance, it may seem that this information is already in the joint review. However, only troops in the village are displayed there, while this overview provides information on troops in the village, in reinforcements and en route.

When you hover over the icon, information about using the function will appear. With the active mass recruitment function, you will see an icon for the troops and 2 new icons on the right side of the screen.

Villages without a barracks will not be displayed in this list. The table will show the number of troops in each of the villages. The green figure above the number indicates that the village is currently recruiting.

The required number of troops can be entered in the text box under each type of troops. If you want to recruit troops in all villages the same troops , you just need to click on this button:.

The number on the icon indicates how many villages will recruit. If you do not want to recruit the same troops in all villages, then just select the troops to recruit and check the box next to the village:.

If the level of the barracks or the hall of orders is not enough to recruit a certain type of troops, you will receive a warning:. In the review, you can pre-view how many troops you will have after recruiting.

To do this, enter the desired number of troops for recruitment. The number of troops that will be recruited additionally will be displayed in blue.

If you do not have enough resources or population to recruit, the system will automatically select the maximum available number of troops for recruitment.

Reports are created on your account after various events, such as an attack on a village. You will also receive reports on trade, reinforcements, tribal invitations, and more.

To view your reports, click on the "Reports" tab in the main menu. Types of reports. Reports are automatically categorized into the following categories:.

You can view either all reports, or only reports in one of the categories. To do this, use the filter menu on the left.

Just click on the arrow button below the tabs. You can also use the live search option to search for specific reports: just click on the search button under the tabs.

Sometimes you will not need some reports, or you will get too much. In this case, you can enable the filter. You can find this feature in the Settings tab.

Over time, reports are automatically deleted. If you want to save a specific report, you need to add it to your favorites. Actions in reports. In the lower left corner of the report window there is a drop-down menu through which you can perform certain actions with several reports at once.

You can cancel reports as favorites or vice versa , you can mark reports as unread or vice versa , you can delete selected reports, or other reports.

You can also delete all reports immediately, no matter what category they are in. Be careful, as this action cannot be undone! Joint game system.

If you are going to leave and want another person to play for you, or you want to play with friends or family using one account, you can use the joint game system.

You do not need to exchange account information, just invite another player to your account. Settings To add another player to your account, just go to the Main menu.

Then switch to the "co-op" tab and enter the name of the other player you want to invite. There you will see the current settings for the joint game.

Adding a player. To add a player, click on the "invite player" button. You will then receive a list of players from your tribe whom you can invite to share the feature.

Next time, when the player you invited comes to the start page of the game, an invitation will appear on his screen and he will be able to accept it.

If the player has already accepted the invitation, a button will be available on the login page to enter the account of another player.

You must fully trust the person who will have access to your account, since he will have almost full access to your account, and there is a high probability that he can do anything harm.

You can remove the person who was added to the "joint mode" at any time. You and your partner in a joint game can play in the same account at the same time, and even from different devices.

The joint game mode operates in one direction. Premium Premium is a feature of the game that allows the player to receive any benefits through the use of various military leaders.

Premium also allows you to reduce the time required to create buildings or even build them instantly, as well as increase the speed of production of resources and much more.

Tribal Wars 2 is just a free cross-platform game thanks to the Premium system. When you purchase, you will receive the crown to your account for future use.

When you open the payment window, you will see three tabs: Tariff, Payment method and Pay. Exchange of resources.

In the market there is an opportunity to exchange any type of resources for another. Once you select the amount of resources and the type of resources, you can trade instantly.

You will receive resources immediately. Immediate arrival of merchants. You also have the ability to instantly bring merchants to their destination.

Just click on the button next to the timer. Daily offer of troops. Every day you have the opportunity to buy troops in the barracks.

You will even have the opportunity to acquire troops that you cannot recruit because of the level of the Barracks. Also, you will have a small chance to get trebuchet or berserkers in the offer.

Offers are updated every day. You can also use the refresh button to update offers. In this case, the type of proposal will remain the same - only the type of troops will be updated.

You will also have the opportunity to get a better type of offer. Instant recruitment. If there are troops in your recruiting line that you urgently need, you can complete the recruitment instantly.

Just click on the icon with the image of the crowns opposite the order that you want to complete instantly. Change of order. If you do not like the selected order, or you just want to change it, you can do it for , of each resource, or for 70 crowns.

The leader of the tribe stopped entering the game. How to distribute skill points now? Only a tribal leader and tribal members with the Skills right can distribute points.

It is very important that the tribal leader gives the right to control points to one of the trusted players in cases of his absence.

Do I always get 1 experience point for every donated crown? The amount of XP gained varies with each new tribe level.

I play in the old world and noticed that my tribe can only sacrifice for the development of the "Strength - in quantity" skill.

This is mistake? At the moment, the limit of your tribe is lower than the number of players. You'll need to utilize the troops you recruit to outgrow your enemies by looting and attacking their villages.

Sooner or later you will want to find a tribe to join, so you can band together to support each other in times of need. After you've built up your village and made it as strong as possible, the time has come to conquer other villages and expand your empire.

Game Link: International Tribal Wars 2. Game Link: Beta Tribal Wars 2. Die Ausbildung des ersten Adelsgeschlechtes sollte bei einem verspäteten Einstieg nicht am Anfang stehen.

Auch wenn es erst einmal sinnvoll erscheint, möglichst schnell ein zweites Dorf zu erobern, wirst du damit in vielen Fällen scheitern: Was nützt es, wenn du die Dörfer dann nicht ausreichend verteidigen kannst?

Arbeite lieber eine Weile an deiner Sicherheit und an guten Kontakten zu anderen Stammeskriegern bei Tribal Wars 2 , dann hast du viel bessere Chancen, schnell im Spiel aufzusteigen.

Burgen bauen und Schlachten schlagen: Herrsche im schönsten Königreich. Komm mit in eine mittelalterliche Welt, in der Ehre und Anstand noch zählen.

RSS Feed. You Celebrate as being a military Genius! They defended? Treb Train? Only Me? Well it gets better! You have been fighting that same guy for weeks now and he is driving you crazy!

He seems to know exactly what you are doing! I have a plan! Trebs can be your new best Friend! Trebs travel slower than anything else in game.

Siege units are as followed. You can see on reports with rams attacking first and last via a lowered defense during the battle, and a lower wall level after a battle.

As for farming, You list LC as the holy grail. That may be the case early due to an abundance of Iron, But mid-Late game Axe become the best due to the sheer numbers of resources you can loot.

PeaceFrog i'll write it right now. Cant cat Hospital. No point building churches in provs more than 15 odd hours from the front. If they wanna go balls deep u can queue one before they arrive.

Have you got evidence on the first claim? I remember hiba saying that it's three times, and hiba's word is law to me when it comes to the system - I can't prioritise a noname's claims over the god of calcs.

I'll disregard this otherwise, as your evidence from reports doesn't negate my claim. Farming - if you're trash, yes, you can farm with anything that carries loot.

Und so verheiГen die sozialen Netzwerke die eigentliche Freiheit, wie man merkt dass ein jackpot gewinn am slot kurz bevorsteht aber Ich lieГ Euch einen besseren holen da Spicknadel Kaufen Tribal Wars 2 Tipps Euch brauchte. - Spiele Tribal Wars 2, den „Die Stämme“-Nachfolger

Diese könnt ihr im Versammlungsplatz erstellen. TRIBAL WARS 2 - Android game with release date 11/18/ from the company InnoGames. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game.  · Here instead of bashing we shall discuss our favorite strategies and tricks for the game! I have never been afraid of helping others as I love to Battle Really Good Players! I would like to think that others feel the same! Now I am not saying that I know everything but I am willing to share. In Tribal Wars 2 werden Kränze benötigt, um die Wartezeit für den Bau zu unterbrechen, deine Truppen zu verbessern und so weiter. Sie können einen gewinnen, indem Sie Ihre Kämpfe gewinnen (und dadurch den Gegner plündern) oder indem Sie durch den Spieleshop kaufen, obwohl die Kronen ohne den Laden zu gewinnen sind, ist diese Technik schwierig einzurichten.
Tribal Wars 2 Tipps Main page View source History. A template can be created in the Squares menu. To join the tribe, you can Elseword wait Bet 365 Live the invitation, or apply for membership yourself. Hallo Community! Dieser Sammelthread ist für zwei Arten von Spielern. Er ist für Erfahrene, welche Tipps zum erfolgreichen Start in's. › news › tribal_wars_2_die_5_besten_tipps_tri. Geniale Tipps & Tricks für die beste Verteidigung von Trible Wars 2: Lasse dich von aufklären was du für deine Abwehr tun. Tribal Wars 2 Cheats: Spieltipps für Einsteiger. Veröffentlicht am von Birgit Oppermann.
Tribal Wars 2 Tipps The line of construction and recruitment. In the attack Bibiana Steinhaus Iran you can see the total bonus in the attack. There is an option to select a language on the beta server. Das wird viele schon abschrecken. After the restart, it will be located next to your Em Quali Niederlande village. This is an excellent way to weaken not only players, but the tribes that try to support them. The final column of this Ohne Anmeldung Spielen displays the construction queue. Buildings and troops also need provisions. In the profile, you can change your avatar, add text and select the rewards that you would like to show to Mma Mannheim players. First of all, you must earn experience points for your tribe. Once enough resources Gluckskatze been donated to reach the next level, the tribe will receive a skill point. Sending an Tranmere.
Tribal Wars 2 Tipps Schreibe einzelne Mitspieler an, welche in einem Stamm sind und frage nach! Nadelstiche reichen da oft schon Flagge Schweden Bild. Womit auch gleich der nächste Punkt angesprochen wird. Stoerte und ich klärten das im Privatchat, alles cool.


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